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[Analysis] Bitcoin has seen a strong push higher today that allowed its price to break above the key $19,000 level that has been so pivotal for its price action This rally came about after a period of weakness t
[General] Blockchains such as Bitcoin are facing a key problem. How to fairly spread out the decision-making consensus on what pool will win the competition and have the right to add the new block into the bloc
[Analysis] Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction – December 13, 2020BTC/USD has broken through crucial resistance levels as the coin reached a high of $19,400. The bulls broke [...]
[General] Bitcoin (BTC/USD) weakened early in today’s North American as the pair fell to the 19100 area after trading as high as the 19421.03 level, representing...
[Analysis] Bitcoin surpassed $19,000 after bottoming out at $17,600 as traders anticipate a broader BTC rally. The price of Bitcoin ( BTC ) has started to rally once again on Dec. 13, rising above $19,200 after
[General] There was a sharp upward move in bitcoin price above the USD 18,500 and USD 19,000 resistance levels. BTC even broke the USD 19,200 resistance, but it struggled near the main USD 19,450 and USD 19,500
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