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[Analysis] Bitcoin price continues to decline at $12,000, but altcoins have taken advantage of the range bound action by rallying higher. Traders prefer to trade a trending market as it generally moves in one di
[General] Chainlink outperforms Bitcoin with latest 64% gains. ETC was hit by a second hacker attack in a week. BCH is at risk of another fork.
[Exchanges] LINK’s winning streak continues. The token which is now ranked as the sixth-biggest by market capitalization has registered a near-constant upsurge over the past couple of weeks. Following this mete
[Analysis] Bitcoin (BTC), first and largest cryptocurrency by market cap just traded to a new monthly high of $12,086 after days of consolidating around mid $11,000. In the last few sessions, Bitcoin price start
[General] Altcoins have been on fire in recent months. Many alts have, in fact, significantly outperformed the No. 1 cryptocurrency as they rocketed to new all-time highs. One such token is decentralized oracle
[General] After a rejection from $12,000, Bitcoin is currently trading between $11,900 and $12k. Analysts claim that Bitcoin is still bullish and will soon witness a bullish breakout. Rising tensions in Asia is
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