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[Analysis] Fear of the Coronavirus pandemic infected investor confidence, leading Bitcoin price to crash by 50% but as this occurred retail demand for Bitcoin increased and institutions left. Although the Corona
[Analysis] Bitcoin price could likely fall to the $3,000 level as its short term trend is forming an Elliot Wave as prices remain stuck within the $6,800 range. Analysis of the trading patterns indicates that th
[ICO] It appears that gloomy days lie ahead for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) camp. According to recent reports, has reportedly cut 50% of its workforce with only four days remaining until Bitcoin Cash
[Analysis] Data suggests that long-term Bitcoin bulls are still holding BTC despite crashing markets, both traditional and otherwise. Bitcoin Bulls Show Their True Colors  The economic principle of supply and d
[Analysis] Anchorage, an institutional-grade cryptocurrency custody solutions provider, has added support for Ripple (XRP) in its list.
[Exchanges] While derivatives have been the talk of the town for quite some time now, the spot volumes were the ones that stole the show in March 2020. This month was marked by high volatility across the financia
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