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[General] It has been a rocky past few days for Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market. While BTC is stuck within a bout of sideways trading, altcoins have been facing massive inflows of selling pressure as i
[General] Vitalik Buterin’s recent comments that ETH chain is "nearly unusable for many classes of applications” are a tacit confession to something many have said for a long time—Ethereum can't scale. [.
[General] Digital asset industry identity John McAfee has been arrested in Spain and charged with tax evasion.
[Analysis] Bitcoin has pushed considerably higher since falling to $10,400 this week on news that BitMEX was being charged by the CFTC. The cryptocurrency wicked as high as $10,760 just a day ago as buyers re-en
[General] The tokenization of real assets makes it essential to have a regulatory framework adapted to the current times.
[General] In a major breakthrough for the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, one of the most popular stable coins, DAI, has been made available for use on the applications in the RSK ecosystem, Bitcoin’s sma
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