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[General] stands as an online travel agency (OTA) that holds the backing of the Binance crypto exchange. The OTA has now managed to incorporate support [...]
[Analysis] When the March 2020 dump slashed over 50 percent from Bitcoin's trading price and $60 billion dumped from its market capitalization, onlookers and market participants feared the worst, especially with
[General] At its peak, yield farmers could have earned over 200% annual percentage yield (APY) on certain platforms. It wasn’t easy, though. Crypto traders of yesteryear had to interact with complex...
[Government] Since June 22, buyers moved the BTC price to $9,800 high. After two days of retesting the resistance zone, there was a bearish reaction. Bitcoin dropped to $8,855 low but the king coin is trapped belo
[General] The crypto industry is gradually moving into mainstream politics as several Bitcoin and blockchain proponents have declared their intentions of running for the United States Presidency in 2020. Fresh
[General] In the past few days, bitcoin bears made more than two attempts to clear the USD 9,000 support. BTC spiked below USD 9,000, but it recovered quickly. The price is currently (08:30 UTC) up over 2% and
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